Focused Fight Team is a team of mixed martial artists, fighters and martial arts school owners trying to grow in BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA. We offer support, training and networking opportunities for anyone interested in growing themselves or their business.

Focused Fight Team was created by Jeff Robison, a long time martial artist and school owner. Jeff’s mission is to create a team/network of martial artists and school owners looking to transition into the mixed martial arts arena of coaching. Jeff comes from a traditional martial arts background, but has always been open to learning new things, he has transitioned his martial arts school from a traditional program to a multi-discipline martial arts school that offers Muay Thai Kickboxing, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Filipino Martial arts while keeping the traditional culture at his academy. Jeff looks forward to growing Focused Fight Team, helping martial arts schools grow their business, help individuals get the training they need and help MMA/BJJ athletes compete at the highest level.

Focused Fight Team Gyms:

Club MMA - Opened in 2008 by Jeff Robison

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Jeff Robison

Owner Focused Fight Team, Owner Club MMA

• Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - 2nd deg. Black Belt under David Meyer / John Will

• Muay Thai - Black Sash / KRU under Master Toddy

• Judo - Brown Belt under Jon Webster

• Filipino Martial Arts - Black Belt / GURO under Rick Teeple / John Helton

• TaeKwon Do - 5th Degree Black Belt